There are no transaction fees in our market place!  

There are no success fees in our market place!

All transactions will complete on your own website / store.

Just choose a simple monthly plan, based on the number of products you want to sell, and the expected volume of sales. 

Monthly Plans

Product Count Sales Volume Monthly Fee
Advertise upto 500 products Up to 30 transactions per month NZ$25 per month
Advertise upto 2000 products Up to 200 transactions per month NZ$40 per month
Advertise upto 10000 products Up to 400 transactions per month NZ$60 per month

Prices excl GST

More Plans


FREE website on every plan!

All plans above include a free website. Arguably, the plans above are website hosting plans, including free promotion of your products in this market place. The transaction volume is based on sales on your websites, and all purchases originating from this market place will occur on your website.

If you already have a website elsewhere, you still need a store in our marketplace. You might want to be selective about what products you promote. You might want to sync stock and pricing, and have your orders feedback to your inventory system or other ecommerce platform.

How to Get Started

First you will need to create a store. Your store will be created using "Website World". This can be a "second store" or "hidden store"

You then need to load your products. Either you upload your products in bulk via CSV file uploads, or you can sync with your existing platform.

We can sync with these platforms, including updating your pricing/stock availability, and pushing orders back to your order feed in your chosen platform.

  • Unleashed Inventory
  • Dear Inventory
  • Tidy Inventory
  • Vend POS
  • Shopify
  • MYOB
  • Xero

View all ecommerce integrations

Payment and Checkout on your website

When customers want to buy a product, they will be linked to your website to complete the purchase on your standard shopping cart. 

In the store you create on our platform, you can add multiple payment methods. Payment made by the customer goes directly to your platform. The contract of sale, is between you and the customer directly. We do not charge any transaction fees, but the payment gateways do charge you transaction fees. You can use the same payment gateways that you already have on your existing platform. 

Requirements for Inclusion in our Market Place

  • Your store must be located in NZ, with stock dispatched from NZ depots. (no drop shipping allowed)
  • Products must have a price, greater than 0. If you have 0 priced products for enquiry purposes, these will be excluded from our directory.
  • Products must be "in stock" (quantity in stock > 0 ) , although we may allow buyers to filter for items available for back order.
  • Products must be enabled for purchase, with a "buy" button activated for general use.
  • Your collections/categories must be associated with our generic market place categories. (Go to SEO tab, market place category associations) 
  • Your pages and collections must be visible to the public on your website, where your page is visible in the main menu, or hidden/searchable. Your collections must be visible. We will not display your hidden collections on our market place.

How To Create Your Store 

  1. Go to
  2. Start a free trial
  3. Select an ecommerce or retail template 
  4. Enter your details
  5. Login to our CMS / eCommerce platform
  6. Click on products to
    1. Add products individuall
    2. Upload products by CSV 
    3. In the API tab, you can integrate with other Inventory Systems or eCommerce platforms for automated price/stock/order sync
  7. Under the SEO tab, you can link your categories with our generic classification system.
  8. Setup payment options, courier fees, etc
  9. Add a web address
  10. Click "Go Live" and pay your first month hosting fee.

Are Other Platforms Supported? 

In order to sell via this marketplace, we make a copy of your website on our platform, so that we have access to your product data. Your product data can be uploaded by CSV, or integrated via API with most popular Inventory and eCommerce platforms. Our normal hosting fees apply for your store or "2nd website". We can link a sub host of your existing domain name for this 2nd website. 

Can I promote my products on your website without having a store on your platform? 

Sorry not at this stage. We want to ensure our customers can search for products that are "in stock" in NZ. This means we need our stores to sync with your database, to ensure up to date information regarding availability. We also want to ensure that new orders are pushed into your existing order feed, and that we can track the status of a successful sale.

Professional Setup 

If you would like us to setup your store on our market place, we can do that for you for $100+gst. We will need API keys for your platform, or a CSV export file. We will create a store that closely resembles the brand of your existing website. And some merchants like their second store so much, they decide to make it their main store. 

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