Gifts for Him

Aging With Vibrancy (6) Almost pulled a muscle giving af (2) Badass Dad (7) Badass Grandpa (7) Bartender (41) Beast mode on (7) Best Papa ever (7) Be stronger than your excuses (7) Born & bred (date) (6) But did you die? (7) Chop chop. Lets go inner peace. I dont have all day (7) Coaches/sports (12) Commit to be fit (7) Damn (age) looks good on me! (6) Did you know that 30-60 minutes of yoga can reduce your risk of giving a shit (7) Disguised as a responsible adult (6) Does running out of fucks count as cardio? (6) Dont wish for it work for it (7) Eat. Sleep. Lift. Repeat. (7) Father's Day Gifts (39) Funcle (7) Gifts for Dad (63) Gifts for Him (134) Gifts For Him (21) Gifts for Son (29) Goal weight strong AF (7) Good mood dude (7) Grandpa the legend (7) Heavily meditated (7) Hubs est (date) (7) Hustle for that muscle (7) I do what I want when I want & where I want except I gotta ask my wife. One sec... (7) I hope I start my hot phase soon (7) In my defence, the moon was full & I was left unsupervised (7) Installing muscles (7) Its wierd being the same age as old people (7) It took 50 (age) years to look this good (5) Just here for Shavasana (7) Make muscle not excuses (7) Me boss, you wife. If that's okay with you my darling? (7) Meet me at the bar (7) Mens Gifts (25) Namaste y'all (7) Pens (9) Reserved for Dad (7) Rocking the Dad bod like a boss (6) Rugby Gifts - All Blacks (35) Thats a horrible idea... what time? (6) The boss/The real boss (7) The Sportsman (43) Toiletries & Accessories (7) Tools (1) Vintage model (7) Well played karma, well played (7) With a bod like this who needs hair? (6)

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